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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Short Sighted Bunnies & Crimble Card Designs

I went to have my bi yearly eye test before xmas and got myself a snazzy new pair of specs. I made these little Short Sighted Bunnies in honor of them. (I'm not actually 'short sighted'-I have an astigmatism...Just a little trivia about me :) They went down a treat!
These are my Crimble Card Designs for 2011. I was going to illustrate them but every time I sat down with my pen & paper, I couldn't settle on a Christmassy design. So....I thought I would make my special brooches into cards. Once printed, I stuck glittery crimble hats on each one (gold, silver and white hats). I loved them so much that I sent me & Ry one (from myself...coockoo! :D)

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