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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Christmas Craft Fairs

Ok, so I know I was a little lax in blogging leading up to Christmas. I was SUPER DUPER BUSY! To prove it, here are some pic of a few of the fairs where I was selling the Little Things i Make(I had at least one craft fair every weekend leading up to crimble!!!)...

Beginning of December was the Makers Boutique Market @ the Unitarian Church. I was outside it was very chilly indeed. I might've frozen if it hadn't been for darling Hannah (one half of the MB organizing team) bringing me hot water bottles & tea :) Oh, and I may have had a cheeky mulled cider (or two).
Trying out my new crimble tree decoration display tree...Can you tell it was homemade?! A pack of chopsticks, lots of wire, Poundland battery operated fairy lights & an upside down plant pot. Blue Peter would be proud!
While in the taxi on my way down to the Unitarian Church, the taxi driver asked polite questions about the things I was selling that day, then he looked at the display tree balanced precariously in my lap, it's wiry branches scratching my face. He looked awkward and then said (with a tone of disgust), " How much are you charging for that thing!?"
haha! "Priceless" was my response.
Next up are some pictures of The Yard Market @ the Farmers Market in the lanes.
It was a really fun day! I had wrapped up warm (much like a 19th century north pole explorer) and had a great stall. This was my first time selling at The Yard and I was very excited about the novelty of having a roof on top of the table...It felt like my own little shop!!! "Welcome to my shop..."
It's such a great venue for stallholders and the fact that there's a cafe down at the end of the mews that sells yummy hot food & drink helps even more.
...Did I mention that I treated myself to this little guy? No? Well, I did!!
One of the organizers, Maxine, makes these little chaps by splicing dolls faces onto old retro ceramic cats&dogs. Pure genius & completely unique. I love my little 'Oddling' but I am getting mixed reviews when people come over to the flat and see it on my desk. My sister asked me to turn it so it faced the wall when she came to stay... Oh well, each to their own :D

SO many great vintage goodies to be found there. This glassware is most definitely on my 2012 wish list & who doesn't need a ceramic fist ornament in their life? ;-0
Mid December was the Craftaganza Christmas Market @ the Fabrica Gallery.
To get into the crimble spirit, I had made some Festive Tote Bags & special new Foxy Friends. It's a really great space to have a craft event & such brilliant location in terms of shoppers. The news had said it was supposed to be the 'busiest shopping day of the year' but I'm not so sure. I loved my stall positioning & I had fun sitting on a toasty radiator (like a school girl).
I met a lot of new crafty people and also managed to do a bit of Christmas shopping for friends, family and... me :)


  1. your stall always looks so crammed with interesting stuff! your foxes are just adorable!

  2. Aw thank you SO much! :) I really try to have a lot of different little things on my stall so there is hopefully something for everyone. X