The Whimsical Creations of Lucy Ashworth

Tuesday, 15 May 2012


I had the honor of being asked to be part of Nick Orsborn's Open House, ART@73, during the May Brighton Festival.  I love participating in the ART@73 Stanmer Villas open house as it has such a great vibe.  Not only because all of the artists work is bright and fun filled but because Nick and Moira themselves are bright & fun filled!!!  (and there is always a glass of Sangria waiting for you!)
Tehe - look at these guys hiding in the wonderful garden at ART@73.  These are just a few creations by the very talented Phil Duncan. His sculptures have so much character - what garden wouldn't benefit one of these heads? ! 
Wee Baby Hare's by Victoria Lovell - SO ADORABLE! 

These colourful bird bath's by John Warren made me feel like I was in Morocco.  The vibrant blue looked wonderful when the sun came out!
Cat not for sale.
My Little Things i Make looking right at home at ART@73!

Wonderfully illustrated badges & mirror by Claire Montgomery - her work is magical & I can't get enough of the glitter!!
Nick & Moira selling (well having a good natter as well ! )
Beautiful hand painted ceramics by Rosemary Land

I absolutely ADORE! these whimsical ceramic bowls by Katherine Morton.  You can really see her illustrations coming to life in these creations.  I would have bought them all but I was very happy to go home with just one... This lovely blonde Mermaid Bowl below.  She now has pride of place in our flat and has become a real talking point.  I recommend that you check out the rest of her work as it's wonderful!

Nick and his incredible jewellery range! It always makes me feel like I'm in a sweet shop and I just want a bit of everything!!! I came away with a sparkly Cicada Brooch which I love.  Nick makes them in so many different juicy looking colours that I defy not to want to start a collection :)

The lovely Moira and her wondrous Sangria!!!!!!!! I want to give her a big cuddle whenever I see her - we love to have a giggle at ART@73 :D

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Blue Fox Commission

'DON'T RUN WITH THE PACK!' Here is the Large Blue Fox that I was commissioned to make for the 'Conservatives Against Fox Hunting' Party  
I was very happy to make them this cheeky blue chap as it's such a great cause & a very unusual stance within the Conservative Party.  This Blue Fox will be making his way to Parliament in June so keep an eye out. 

Makers Boutique Market 7th April 2012

Here I am at the Makers Boutique Market looking more like the March Hare than anything vaguely Easter Bunny like!  What fun day though (as always)
Look at these CUTIES!!! I am so in love with making these Little Bunny Brooches - they have been a real hit as well (even with celebs...)! I think 3 for £10 is a bargain! 
Oh! Look who it is walking towards my stall...It's great British actor and all round hottie - 
MARK STRONG!!!!!!!!!
There he is - looking at my stall! He later complimented me on my work and bought 3 Little Bunny Brooches ! One was for his son Roman (best name in the world) and the other two were for Roman's cousin's.  I was so happy!!! What a great day.  I think I'll crack on with sewing a few more bunnies.  I wonder if I can get an endorsement...Hmmm... :D