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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Makers Boutique Market 7th April 2012

Here I am at the Makers Boutique Market looking more like the March Hare than anything vaguely Easter Bunny like!  What fun day though (as always)
Look at these CUTIES!!! I am so in love with making these Little Bunny Brooches - they have been a real hit as well (even with celebs...)! I think 3 for £10 is a bargain! 
Oh! Look who it is walking towards my stall...It's great British actor and all round hottie - 
MARK STRONG!!!!!!!!!
There he is - looking at my stall! He later complimented me on my work and bought 3 Little Bunny Brooches ! One was for his son Roman (best name in the world) and the other two were for Roman's cousin's.  I was so happy!!! What a great day.  I think I'll crack on with sewing a few more bunnies.  I wonder if I can get an endorsement...Hmmm... :D

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