The Whimsical Creations of Lucy Ashworth

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Halloween & Makers Boutique 29th October 2011

I had another wonderful Saturday at the Makers Boutique Market. I made a few special Halloween little things; Pumpkin Monkey Bears, Cute Ghosties & Zombie Dead Cats!!! The Zombie Cats went down a treat...I think I'm going to make more, after all a Zombie Cat is for life not just for Halloween :D

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Good Companions Ale Festival & Craft Market Oct2011

I had a thoroughly enjoyable weekend at the Good Companions pub, Seven Dials, Brighton. I was contacted about taking part in a brewery event over the Saturday & the Sunday 12-6pm. It was a beautiful bright Autumnal weekend which made the selling of the Little Things i Make all the more enjoyable. Oh, and the Mulled Cider & Local Ales helped too... :D
Where's Wally...
Day#1. The Saturday also coincided with the Brighton Zombie Walk. I snapped this zombie troop on the way to Brighton Beach. They didn't buy a Fox...
The Saturday was a little slow & chilly but the good company (geddit) and warm beverages made the time fly.
Day#2. I got home on Saturday evening to find my brand new business cards waiting for me!! An American Psycho type conversation ensued with my pals (comparing design, font, stock etc...) *shudder* I really am THAT sad! Thank you x
Day#2. Did I mention the local ales?...
Day#2. My partner in crime attracting the ladies :D

I had a lovely weekend & met lots of lovely people. Many thanks to the organizers Steve & Shane at BnW Productions

Friday, 21 October 2011

Tote Bag Designs!!!

This is a Tote Bag I made for my lovely pal Ted :) It was his 30th birthday last week.
This is a Tote Bag I designed for my friends Tess&Kelly. They have a pal 'Anna' who is 30 soon and they call her 'Annakins' so I designed this Jedi chimpy bag. I hope she likes it :D

Monday, 17 October 2011

Makers Boutique Market @ Unitarian Church 15th October 2011

Another great Saturday selling the Little Things i Make at the Makers Boutique Market!!! I love being outside - although i did need to sport my cossack hat this time :D The big sellers were my little Pocket Pals & Two Faces.
I'm really looking forward to the next Makers on the 29th October as I will get to dress up Halloween style!!!!!!!! Any suggestions??

Card for Ry...

This is a card I made for Ry either his bday or Valentines Day 2010. Someone (I say 'someone' as they prefer to be left anonymous) suggested that it is a copy of the wonderful Julia Pott's illustration of a cat&dog. I love her work and I did use her illustration as inspiration in my card.
Dear Anonymous (Julia Pott's??), many apologies for any offence caused - it was not meant :)
Check out the brilliant work of Julia Pott's at

Sunday, 9 October 2011

'Meet the Seller' interview for Brighton Craftaganza

Find my interview with the lovely lot at Brighton Craftaganza on their blog:
The interview was for their regular 'Meet The Seller' post, showcasing local crafty sorts.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

ARTY PARTY@The Marwood Coffee Shop&Studios

"Welcome to my shop - Welcome to my shop!" My little nook in the courtyard. Had a lot of fun crouched down behind my sagging table, drinking tea & talking to my Foxy Friends... -_-

The magical courtyard of the Marwood Coffee Shop & Studios. Jam packed full of wonderful local art, vintage clobber & quirky jewellery, lit by the soft glow of twinkling lanterns...Twas a treat!
Nina with her new 'Foxy' Tote bag.
Sabina, the ARTY PARTY organiser with her new 'Frenchy Fox' Tote Bag. She will be taking it with her back to the US on holiday. She said it will be ideal for "record shopping in Austin, Texas!" :) Watch out America - the Foxes are coming!!!

Tote Bag Designs!!!

I am having SOOOOO much fun making special ONE OFF Hand painted Tote Bags :) My 'Whimsical Creations of Lucy Ashworth' is an iron on logo that i designed especially for them. I'm very pleased with how they are turning out. I've kept one for myself and i am loving skipping around town with it at the moment!
*They will be on Etsy soon*

'Hiding Tonight' by Alex Turner

Tomorrow I'll be quicker
I'll stare into the strobe light flicker
And afloat I'll stay
But I'm quite alright hiding today

Tomorrow I'll be faster
I'll catch what I've been chasing after
And have time to play
I'm quite alright hiding today

And I will play the coconut shy
And win a prize even if it's rigged
I won't know when to stop
And you can leave off my lid, and I won't even lose my fizz
I'll be the polkadots type
I'll know the way back, if you know the way
But if you are, I am quite alright hiding today

Tomorrow I'll be stronger
Running colorful
No longer just in black and white
And I'm quite alright hiding tonight

And I will have a game on the coconut shy
And win a prize even if it's rigged
I won't know when to stop
And you can leave off my lid, and I won't even lose my fizz
I'll be the polkadots type

I'll probably swim through a few lagoons
I'll have a spring in my step
And I'll get there soon
To sing you a happy tune, tomorrow

And you better bring a change of clothes
So we can sail our laughing P&Os
Along a beam of light
But I'm quite alright hiding tonight