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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Makers Boutique Market @ Unitarian Church 24th Sept

Had a really GREAT day at the Makers Boutique Market yesterday!!!! I think it was possibly one of the best ones so far - record sales for Little Things i Make :D

The biggest sellers were my Legless Two-Faces & Pocket Pals. I have a busy week of sewing ahead of me as I'm low on stock again now. Hooray! I sold a Lizard King and loved watching him being thrown around by his new owner. It warmed the cockles of my ❤ !!!

Looking forward to the ARTY PARTY next Sunday (2nd October) at the Marwood Coffee Shop & Studios. Poster above. More details to follow...

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

New Project Alert!

Leading up to Christmas (I apologise for the 'C' word!) I will be working on some special new Foxes!!! I'm very excited about this project as I get to use my sewing machine :) Hooray!

I'm going to try and find as much Orange, crazy, psychedelic material as possible and make special Foxes out of it. Not only will these Foxes not be made from the usual felt, they will also be a slightly different design. I have already started on some preliminary appreciated.

PLATFORM Mixed Media Art Show

Over the past 2 weeks, I have had the pleasure of being involved in the great Mixed Media Art Show *PLATFORM* . I really enjoyed the experience as I had not previously exhibited my work in any kind of gallery space.

It ran down in the Fishing Quarter Gallery, Brighton, from the 8th-19th September. PLATFORM was the brainchild of fellow crafty person and talented jewellery designer Sarah 'Rock Cake' Meredith . She did a fantastic job of curating the show and it was a great success!

Along with myself & the Little Things i Make were the well known photographer & author (and hubby of Sarah) Kevin 'LomoKev' Meredith
Liw Banks with her wonderful screen prints & rainbow owls and finally (Piers) Evershed Art whose high impact paintings attracted a lot of attention.

PLATFORM subconsciously took on a very strong RAINBOW theme. I think the seed was sown when Rock Cake gocco printed the Private View invitations in a rainbow of colours.

Pic taken by Lomokev: A naughty Grumpy Bear. He was definitely the talking point of the show. I kept telling kiddies that i had trapped him in the glass cabinet because he was being naughty. I think i may have scared a few...
Pic taken by Lomokev: If only she was in charge of her own finances...
Pic taken by Lomokev.
Pic taken by Lomokev.

The PLATFORM Private View went really well!!! We had lots of fun (wine & crisps helped), lots of interested guests who turned into great contacts :)

To see more pictures, please visit my facebook page:

Also check out the Brighton based mag: Pretty Litter

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The Lizard King

Please bow and show your respect to His Royal Highness 'The Lizard King'!!! This is the first design of a creation I have been planning on making for some time. I wanted him to look like one of my doodles and I think i achieved that.

My future project will involve making a lizard which looks more like the ones featured in my 'Whimsical World Illustrations'. There will be a lot more work and I wont be using felt which will take me out of my comfort zone but I'm looking forward to starting.
Once finished - he might be a special one off that I sell on my Etsy Shop:

Monday, 12 September 2011


These are my little TWO-FACES!!! These chaps have been a huge hit with fans of the Little Things i Make :-)
They are called 'two faces' because they have a different expression on each side. So far i have only made two expressions. The first is a GRUMPY chap but if you give it a tickle on his tummy then turn it over - it cheers right up and is HAPPY.
The second is a WIDE AWAKE cutie but if you're feeling sleepy, turn it over and it will SLEEP as well.

The Two-Faces above are my 'Leg-less' version. Each one has their own individual label. Their cute round shape makes them ideal to place on a shelf, couch or pillow.

The TWO FACES above are my 'Leggy' version.

***WATCH THIS SPACE*** For new & larger TWO-FACES!!!Coming Soon x

Pocket Pals!

Here are my little POCKET PALS. I am completely in love with these little tykes at the moment :) There are GRUMPY BEARS & HAPPY BUNNIES. I have been making them in all kinds of different colours, each one is individual.

I have customised individual labels for each of these chaps. The HAPPY BUNNIES labels introduce the bunny & let you know something that he/she likes(eg. Ice cream).
The GRUMPY BEARS also have labels but they say something he/she hates (eg. socks & sandals) :-)

They are great to give as little pressies or just keep them for yourself - collect them all!!!