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Monday, 12 September 2011


These are my little TWO-FACES!!! These chaps have been a huge hit with fans of the Little Things i Make :-)
They are called 'two faces' because they have a different expression on each side. So far i have only made two expressions. The first is a GRUMPY chap but if you give it a tickle on his tummy then turn it over - it cheers right up and is HAPPY.
The second is a WIDE AWAKE cutie but if you're feeling sleepy, turn it over and it will SLEEP as well.

The Two-Faces above are my 'Leg-less' version. Each one has their own individual label. Their cute round shape makes them ideal to place on a shelf, couch or pillow.

The TWO FACES above are my 'Leggy' version.

***WATCH THIS SPACE*** For new & larger TWO-FACES!!!Coming Soon x

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