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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Fabulous Foxy Fun @ the Makers Boutique Market!

Had a really lovely time at the Makers Boutique Market yesterday!!! I had been busy printing my whimsical cards and sewing new little wobbly legged foxy friends - it was great to see peoples reactions to them - especially my Illustrations. I had printed some cards of my 'Seaside Postcard Project' from Uni that featured my wonderful Grannie Pearl (i made sure i told everyone that showed an interest - she will be chuffed!)
I had acquired some great new perspex exhibition stands (thanks Kallkwik) that looked great on my stall. I'm going to make a 'little things i make' banner to go on the table & little labels for the next market :-D You can see the labels i made quickly yesterday morning ( i do like leaving things until the last minute).
I had a great time chatting to all the talented crafty people selling their wares. I have some exciting new projects on the horizon with the lovely & awesomely talented Sarah Meredith,Rock Cakes a Brighton based jewellery designer. WATCH THIS SPACE FOR MORE DETAILS!!!
I'm also going to be taking part in the Craftaganza Market @ Fabrica, 26th March which was confirmed yesterday - Hooray! :-)
The next Makers Boutique Market will be held @ the Unitarian Church in the North Lanes area of Brighton, 16th April - looking forward to more soft jazz, cupcakes and tea while unleashing my little things on the people of Brighton!
I had an email this morning about The Brighton Trading Fair @ The Marina, weekend 16-17th April - it's not confirmed yet but it looks promising...

I wanted to include a picture i took of my foxes in an incomplete ZOMBIE state :-0 It's OK though, don't worry, they are all better now!!! tehehe
Here is a pic of a Fox i was commissioned to make for the Financial Director at Kallkwik Print&Design, Anthony. He has since told me that this particular Foxy friend has been up to all sorts of mischief in his daughter's bedroom, rearranging her toys while she sleeps...It must be the magic dust i sprinkle over them!!! :-D


  1. tehe! They're so cute!

  2. Brilliant work Ashworth. You've been rather busy!

  3. Trying Matt - slowly but surely x

  4. Amazing !!!!! Well done darlingxxxxx