The Whimsical Creations of Lucy Ashworth

Monday, 28 March 2011

Craftaganza Fun!

Craftaganza - extravaganza indeed!! :) What a great day! A HUGE thankyou to the organisers, especially the lovely ladies - Lisa, Steph & Zoe - it was a real delight to have been there.

Fabrica was the perfect venue to lure passers-by in to peruse all the crafty treats that the very talented creators of Brighton had to offer. I was inspired and also a little jealous of all the talent in the gallery - it was hard work fighting the temptation to buy lots of pretty, quirky treasures myself!!! There was such a wonderful selection of goodies, from yummy cupcakes & handmade jewelery to beautiful prints & wood-stump cushions! There was a constant tide of people passing through all day - which was splendid (but also a little exhausting!:o).
Everyone was so enthusiastic and lovely (i'm gushing now) & i am really looking forward to bumping into them all again at a craft fair soon (possibly Makers Boutique Market details to follow soon).

The lovely Craftaganza crew had pulled out all the stops making the day a bunting decorated success!!! I can't wait to hear what exciting, magical adventures they have in store for Brighton next. Watch this space... :)


  1. FOXY! ;-)
    Looks amazing Lucy! You've been soooo busy.

  2. My fingers are like pin cushions... :)