The Whimsical Creations of Lucy Ashworth

Monday, 28 March 2011

Dr Wells' diagnoses...

A note from Lucy’s councillor:

Lucy Ashworth has lived in the following places:

UK, Bristol.

Egypt, home of camels.

UK, all over and back.

South Africa, outskirts of Johannesburg.

United Arab Emirates, owner of Arsenal football stadium.

UK, Kent.

UK, Brighton.

Her Imagination

Not surprising then she is ‘a bit weird’, has no social skills, finds it hard to hold down a normal job and has found it hard to make friends all her life; She has managed to side step confronting her social issues by ‘actually making friends’, in the form of little fabric characters, these manifest themselves in many different shapes, sizes and according to Lucy different religious and political views.

After surrounding herself with all these fictional characters, Lucy has become increasingly deluded, most of the ‘little things’ as Lucy herself calls them, in her mind, love her and hold her in the highest esteem, telling her they are willing to do any evil bidding she wishes.

In Lucy’s words…

‘I conclude that, one day, i will take over the world with the 'little things that i make' but until then, i'm quite happy to sit and watch telly with them all around me (cruelly, some of them don't have the best eyesight as i they're buttons are too small)’

So you see it is very important the ‘little things’ that Lucy makes are bought and not taken away, it is the only safe way to extract them from her person, thus freeing her from her self inflicted mental slavery.. which in turn is exactly how she sees these ‘little things’; as slaves, slaves ready to go to market!

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