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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

ART JUNKY Indoor Market November 2011

Had a great (& exhausting) weekend at the ART JUNKY Indoor Market, Phoenix Arts Centre, Brighton. It coincided with my lovely little sis coming to Brighton for a weekend break away from the craziness of the first term of university in Bath :D So, I had my own little helper - or so I thought...By 3pm Saturday afternoon, her head was stuck in the white display case and she was asleep!!! (OK, ok, she had woken up at 4am to travel to see me... :D)

There were a real mixed bag of stalls. Lots of screen prints, textiles, ceramics & miles of bunting! As well as quite a few stalls of brick-a-brack ( I bought a few bits!!!).
My favourite stall holder was selling amazing subversive cushions. At first glance they looked very pretty and almost chintzy but then a closer look at the wording revealed that what you thought read 'Home Sweet Home' in fact read ' Homo Sweet Homo' :D Other slogans that caught my eye were 'Fuck This Shit', 'Big Fat Cock' and my personal favourite...'Soapy Tit Wank'! WOW! Possibly not something to give your Granny for Christmas though...
As I mentioned, there was literally miles of bunting on sale from different stall holders. I was thinking of making Christmas bunting as I have been asked to make some for my mother in law but after seeing how much selection there is out there, I think I'm going to give it a miss. The bunting scene is most definitely covered!

Once again my Pocket Pals were the big sellers. I'm putting making more on hold for a while as I'm concentrating on getting my Xmas stock ready. It's taking SO long & I haven't even designed my Crimble card yet - Eeeek!!!! On that note - I had better get back to sewing sequins on little bears :)

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